Putting an End to the
Breathing Crisis,
One Patient at a Time

The Airway Collaborative is a one-of-a-kind educational program that provides medical, dental, and allied health professionals with the knowledge and resources to recognize and help patients who suffer from airway dysfunctions.

The Crisis No One is Talking About

Due to thousands of years of evolutionary and dietary changes, human faces have become increasingly smaller with each new generation, leaving less and less room for our airways to function, and making it harder and harder for us to breathe as our bodies were intended to - through our noses.

Airway Academy

To provide medical professionals with the knowledge needed to incorporate airway tratment into their practices, we created the Airway Academy, a series of online educational courses that walk you through the process of identifying, evaluating, stabilizing, and healing airway dysfunctions.

Whether you want to recognize and refer airway cases to other medical professionals or treat these cases yourself, the Airway Academy has a course for you.

Airway Exchange

In order to put an end to the airway crisis, medical professionals must be united not separated. With proper education, and with the right network, we can play a role in the airway movement.

To facilitate collaboration among airway-focused medical professionals, we created the Airway Exchange, an interdisciplinary networking platform for Airway Academy students and graduates.

The Airway Exchange also gives you access to a wealth of educational resources, case studies, and exclusive opportunities that will give you the confidence to incorporate airway treatment into your practice.

What Our Graduates Have to Say

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